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While the Abbey is of typical Cistercian style, which means very restrained, every place is decorated with many details that captivate and delight visitors.
The pillars of the abbey, as the columns of the cloister, are topped with capitals representing single plant motifs, but that are all different. The stain glasses in the Abbey Church draw harmonious shapes of geometric and floral motifs.

The Virgin of Fontenay includes many details of great finesse, such as a sculptured veil gently falling on Her shoulders and upper back, or the lovely dimple that compliments Her sweet smile.

In the choir, visitors observe small scenes of the altarpiece and recognize episodes of the Passion of Christ and the Life of the Virgin. In the cloister, they see an abbey butt discreetly engraved next to a pillar in front of the Chapter Room, or have fun finding stonemasons marks on some pillars.
At each location of the visit, a multitude of various details are offered to the visitors’ attention.

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Abbaye de Fontenay
21500 Marmagne
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