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Fontenay happily works with the tourism industry to enable them to provide a refined experience tailored to the needs of their clients.
The team of the Abbey is also present alongside companies seeking an exceptional place, whether to motivate their teams, to receive their partners or to participate in the preservation of this monument which covers 900 years history.

Coupes de champagneGroup visits - classic and custom
Fontenay Abbey welcomes every year many groups from various countries.
The proposed packages range from a visit with an experienced guide (several languages available) to a personalized offer which may include the following options:
- Breakfast served in the bakery
- Lunch in the Abbey Gardens (outdoor or tent)
- A glass of champagne in the cloister at the close of the Abbey (6pm)

You can organize your seminars at the Abbey of Fontenay.
The guided tour is included in the package.

Buffet de réceptionReceptions
The Abbey regularly hosts corporate events. Private (non-corporate) parties are not allowed.
The team is at your disposal to discuss your project. Thanks to our partners, many options are possible inside the Abbey to make your event unforgettable (buffets, wine tasting, concerts, hot air ballooning...).

Filming / shooting
Several films have been shot at Fontenay.
Please check with the management to get a custom quote.

Contributing to the preservation of the Abbey
Companies can easily contribute to the protection of Fontenay through a donation made via the Foundation Demeure Historique. These donations are tax deductible and can also give result in particular benefits, all within the regulatory limits.


Abbaye de Fontenay
21500 Marmagne
Tél. : +33 (0)3 80 92 15 00

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